Levels of detail

To control the amount of data, which can be very large especially for Explain plan or package, you can request summary and detail level Explain reports.

A summary report shows one line for each SQL statement.

A summary block is always printed at the end of a report.

This produces a full report for each SQL statement, which shows:
  • “Raw” SQL EXPLAIN data as found in the PLAN_TABLE
  • Access path data
  • Table and table space data
  • Index data, this shows:
    • All available indexes for a given table
    • Indexes selected for the access only
  • Key data
  • Plan and package data
  • Host variables data
  • Summary page

The number of data blocks listed varies with the Explain function requested.

This shows raw data from the PLAN_TABLE and Access Path Data blocks in the report for each SQL statement. Information from the catalog tables is not included.
The Access Path Data block is shown for each SQL statement.
Index Data
All data blocks of the DETAIL level are shown except for the Key Data block.
All data blocks of the DETAIL level, except the raw PLAN_TABLE, are shown.
Key Distribution
All data blocks of the DETAIL level are shown including the distribution of the ten mostly used key values.