Summary of user tasks

This topic illustrates user tasks and their relationships.

Figure 1 illustrates and summarizes the previously introduced user tasks and their relationships. It shows the order of tasks that must be performed to create reports on the host or to perform one or more of the client-based functions. For example, to perform a simulation of buffer pool behavior based on actual trace data, first you need to collect data in a trace data file and download this file to the client. Note that the descriptive text of the tasks complies with the topic titles in this information.

The illustration also shows the flow of data between the components. Collected trace data can be used on the host to create reports, or downloaded and used for simulations. Just as well, collected data can be aggregated in bpd files and loaded into DB2® tables, or downloaded to the client and viewed or used for an optimization.

Figure 1. Summary of user tasks
This figure is a graphical representation of user tasks and their relationships.

Note that Buffer Pool Analyzer provides sample performance data as bpd files and trace data files on the client. You can use them to acquaint yourself with Buffer Pool Analyzer. The individual topics describe the locations of these files and how to select, open, and use them.