Monitor Output window

Use the Monitor Output window to enable or disable the writing of monitor output to a data set.

The main use of this option is to gather data for problem determination. Records in DPMOUT format that correspond to data shown in the Online Monitor panels are written to a data set whenever the display is updated. Output from the Statistics and System Parameters panels can be used as input to the Batch Statistics and System Parameter reports respectively. The output from the Thread Display panels can only be processed by a batch Record trace.

To display this window, select option 3 (Monitor Output) from the Options menu.

Figure 1. Monitor Output window
 DGOMDWMO                     Monitor Output

 To write monitor output, enter 1 and dataset name and disposition

 Write output . . . . . .  2  1=yes  2=no

 Dataset name . . . . . .  ______________________________________________
 Disposition  . . . . . .  1  1=append  2=overwrite  3=new

  F1=Help     F2=Split    F9=Swap    F12=Cancel

Use the Write output field to specify whether you want monitor output written to a data set. Enter 1 in this field to enable the writing of monitor output to a data set.

The Dataset name field requires the name of the data set to which the data is to be written.

If you specify a disposition of 3 (new), the data set is dynamically allocated with the following attributes:
32 756
6 233