EDM Snapshot Database Descriptors

This panel provides information about the database descriptors (DBDs) that are using some portion of the EDM pool.

One line of output is produced for each DBD that was residing in the pool when the displayed data was collected.

________________ ZEDSD    VTM     o2       V550.#P oca5 08/02/22 16:32:58   2  
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>                       EDM SNAPSHOT DATABASE DESCRIPTORS                       
+                    *                                                          
+                    DBD Name       Pages Alloc       DBD Size      DBD Count   
+                    --------       -----------       --------      ---------   
+                    DB2PM                   53         214004              8   
+                    DMSYSWLD                 6          24218              1   
+                    DSNDB06                 60         242270              3   
+                    DSNRLST                  1           4028             17   
+                    DSN32037                 1           4012              6   
+                    WRKSN12                  1           4028              1   


For additional information about other topics, use the PF keys.


Each field reflects the data that was available when collection was executed. OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE collects data and refreshes the panel each time you navigate to the panel.

DBD Name
The name of a DBD that resided in the EDM pool when the displayed data was collected.
Pages Alloc
The number of pages allocated for the DBD.
DBD Size
The actual size (in bytes) of the DBD.
DBD Count
The number of DBD entries with the same DBD Name.