EDM Snapshot Authorization Cache Storage

This panel provides information about Db2 authorization cache storage residing in the EDM pool.

One line of output is produced for each planname which has authorization cache storage allocated at the time the display data was collected. Db2 uses authorization cache storage to cache frequently used authorization identifiers, thus enabling authorization processing to be bypassed. As a result, processing costs associated with signon processing can be minimized. The size of cache storage might be specified when a plan is bound.

To sort output by display column move the cursor under the display column heading you want to sort and press the sort key (PF10).

________________ ZEDCH    VTM     O2       V550.#P SN12 11/05/13 14:16:08   2  
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>                  EDM SNAPSHOT AUTHORIZATION CACHE STORAGE                     
+ Total Cache Bytes Allocated  =    24576     Total Cache Bytes Used =     204  
+ Total Number of Plans Cached =        8     Percent of Cache Used  =      .8% 
+                   *                                                           
+                   Planname      Cache Size       % Used                       
+                   --------      ----------       ------                       
+                   ADB                 3073         1.1%                       
+                   DB2PM               3073         1.1%                       
+                   DSNESPCS            3073         1.1%                       
+                   DSNESPRR            3073         1.1%                       
+                   DSNREXX             3073          .0%                       
+                   DSNTIA91            3073         1.1%                       
+                   KO2PLAN             3073         1.1%                       
+                   MISPOLY             3073          .0%                       


For additional information about other topics, use the PF keys.


Each field reflects the data that was available when collection was executed. OMEGAMONĀ® collects data and refreshes the panel each time you navigate to the panel.

Total Cache Pages Allocated
The total number of cache pages allocated in the EDM pool.
Total Cache Pages Used
The total number of cache pages that contain authorization data enabling authorization to be bypassed.
Total Number of Plans Cached
The total number of plans that have cache storage allocated.
Percent of Cache Used
The percentage of total cache storage containing authorization ID information.
The planname that has cache storage allocated in the EDM pool.
Cache Size
The number of EDM bytes allocated for cache storage for the plan.
% Used
The percentage of cache storage for the plan in use that contains authorization ID information.