EDM Pool Snapshot Summary

This panel provides information about the contents of the EDM pool.

This information is summarized into the following categories:
  • Database descriptors (DBDs)
  • Cursor tables (CTs)
  • Package tables (PTs)
  • Skeleton cursor tables (SKCTs)
  • Authorization caching (CACHE)
  • Skeleton package tables (SKPTs)
  • Dynamic SQL caching (SQL CACHE)
  • Static SQL caching (SSC)
  • Free storage (FREE).
The following panel applies to version 12 and higher of OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert.
________________ ZEDSN    VTM     o2       V550.#P oca5 08/02/22 16:32:38   2 
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>  R.C.A                                                                       
>                         EDM POOL SNAPSHOT SUMMARY                            
+ <<< The following EDM snapshot was collected on 08/02/22 at 17:05:38.   >>>  
+ EDM              % of     Pages        Count of     Avg Pages     Max Pages  
+ Storage Type     Pool     Alloc        Entries      Entry         Entry      
+ ------------     ------   ---------    --------     ---------     ---------  
+ DBDs                N/A       280.0          23          12.1           8.0  
+ CACHE               N/A         2.0           2           1.0           1.0  
+ SKCTs               N/A         3.0           3           1.0           1.0  
+ SKPTs               N/A        16.0          15           1.0          22.0  
+ SQL CACHE          2.6%       381.0         103           3.6           N/A  
+ Static SQL Cache    N/A        61.0          27           2.2           N/A  


For additional information about
  • a particular EDM pool, move the cursor to the required line and press F11 (Zoom).
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


Each field reflects the data that was available when collection was executed. OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE collects data and refreshes the panel each time you navigate to the panel and each time you initiate collection by entering a hyphen (-) to the left of the EDSN command.

EDM Storage Type
A type of EDM storage. Possible values:
Database descriptors
Free database descriptors (for DB2 V11 and lower)
Authorization cache storage
Skeleton cursor tables
Skeleton package tables
Free storage for SKEL pool (for DB2 V11 and lower)
The amount of the storage that was in use to cache the dynamic SQL statements
Static SQL Cache
The amount of the storage that was in use to cache the static SQL statements
% of Pool
The percentage of the total EDM pool occupied by the storage type (for DB2 V11 and lower).
Pages Allocated
The number of pages allocated for the storage type.
Count of Entries
The number of entries in the EDM pool for the storage type. For storage type FREE, an entry represents a block of free storage.
Avg Pages Entry
The average number of pages per entry.
Max Pages Entry
The maximum number of pages per entry.