DSNZPARM Stored Procedures Parameters

This panel shows information about the use of stored procedures in the Db2 system.. It shows the name of the DSNZPARM module that is specified for Db2 startup and the date on which the module is assembled. It also shows a list of the default values of the Db2 application.

If a field is not available for the current Db2 release, the string N/A is displayed. For other conditions, for example, if specific Db2 traces are not started or control block data is not available, the string N/P is displayed.

________________ ZPSTP    VTM     O2       V550.#P DA41 S 11/05/13 16:07:02 2 
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> R.H.K                                                                        
>       DSNZPARM INFORMATION:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.       
>  M-APPL      N-DATA      O-PERF      P-BUFFERPOOL    Q-OTHERS                
>                    DSNZPARM STORED PROCEDURES PARAMETERS                     
+ Collection Interval:  REALTIME                SNAPTIME: 11/05/13 15:07:05.85 
+ DSNZPARM Module                               DSNZPARM                       
+ Assembly Date                                 06/30/11                       
+ Initial Module                                DSNZPARM                       
+ Assembly Date                                 06/30/11                       
+ Previous Module                               DSNZPARM                       
+ Assembly Date                                 06/30/11                       
+ DSNTIPX-Routine Parameters                                                   
+ Max Abend Count (STORMXAB)                           0                       
+ Timeout Value (STORTIME)                           180                       
+ WLM Environment (WLMENV)                     DSNWLMV10                       
+ Max Open Cursors (MAX_NUM_CUR)                     500                       
+ Max Stored Procs (MAX_ST_PROC)                    2000                       
+ Maximum LE Tokens (LEMAX)                           20                       
+ (BIF_COMPATIBILITY)                                 V9                       
+ Admin Scheduler (ADMTPROC)                                                   
+ (MAX_UDF)                                         2000


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The DSNZ command displays the following lines to reflect the usage of the Db2 SET SYSPARM command. To each of these lines, the corresponding date on which this particular module is assembled is displayed.

The name of the DSNZPARM module that is specified for Db2 startup.
Initial Module
The name of the initial DSNZPARM load module.
Previous Module
The name of the previous DSNZPARM load module.
Assembly Date
The date on which this module was assembled.
DSNTIPX-Routine Parameters
Max Abend Count (STORMXAB) (QWP1SPAB)
The number of times a stored procedure can terminate abnormally before Db2 stops it, and rejects any further requests. Use the Db2 command START PROCEDURE to remove the stopped status.
Timeout Value (STORTIME) (QWP1SPTO)
The number of seconds to wait for an SQL CALL statement to be assigned for execution in the Db2 stored procedures address space.
If this value is set to 0, the request waits until a TCB is available and is not subject to timeout.
WLM Environment (WLMENV) (QWP1WLME)
This is the default WLM environment for user-defined functions and stored procedures. This value is used by Db2 if the WLM environment is not specified in a CREATE function or a CREATE PROCEDURE statement.
Max Open Cursors (MAX_NUM_CUR) (QWP4MXNC)
The maximum number of open cursors per thread.
Max Stored Procs (MAX_ST_PROC) (QWP4MXSP)
The maximum number of active stored procedures per thread.
Maximum LE Tokens (LEMAX) (QWP4LEM )
The maximum number of language environment tokens that are active at any time.
Valid values: 0 - 50.
Default: 20
Db2 10 and Db2 11 only.
The BIF compatibility subsystem parameter specifies whether the built-in functions and specifications are to return results in the Db2 10 format or revert to the pre-version 10 format. BIF_COMPATIBILITY can have the following values:
Admin Scheduler (ADMTPROC) (QWP4ADMT)
The name of the JCL procedure that is used to start the Db2 administrative scheduler task address space.
The maximum number of external user-defined functions that are allowed for each thread to help minimize potential storage shortages. Valid entry is an integer between 0 and 99999 inclusive. The default is 2000.