Viewing information about all DCS applications connected to any DB2 subsystem

You can display a list of all the DCS applications that are connected to any DB2® subsystem and view details on them.

To view details:
  1. In the System Overview window, select a Db2 Connect gateway in the folders pane and then double-click Application Summary in the contents pane.

    If you are not connected to this Db2 Connect gateway, you are prompted to log on.

    The Thread Summary window opens, which shows the key data for the DCS application connected to any DB2 subsystem.

  2. To get more details on a specific DCS application, double-click it.
    The Thread Details window opens. On its various panes, you find:
    • An overview of the DCS application, such as cumulative counters and status information.
    • Information about the SQL statement that was last executed by the DCS application, including network Statistics, the host response time, and the CPU time distribution.
    • Outbound and inbound data and the network time taken to transmit the data.