Viewing all Db2 Connect gateways connected to a DB2 subsystem

You can display a list of all Db2 Connect gateways that are connected to a DB2® subsystem and view Statistics details on them.

To view Statistics details:
  1. In the System Overview window, select a DB2 subsystem in the folders pane and then click the Statistics Details toolbar button (Statistics Details toolbar button).

    If you are not connected to this DB2 subsystem, you are prompted to log on.

  2. In the folders pane of the displayed Statistics Details window, click DB2 Connect Server.

    The DB2 Connect Server pane opens, which lists all the Db2 Connect gateways that are connected to this DB2 subsystem.

  3. To get more Statistics details on a specific Db2 Connect gateway, double-click it.
    The DB2 Connect Server ip page opens, where ip stands for the IP address of the selected Db2 Connect gateway. On the various panes, you find:
    • Statistics about the Db2 Connect gateway, including details on the number of agents and pooled agents, the connections waiting for the host to reply, and the connections waiting for the client to send a request
    • Statistics about the processes at the selected Db2 Connect gateway, such as the CPU and the working set
    • The amount of time that is required to process a sample SQL statement
    • Statistical details on the packages received at the Db2 Connect gateway