Installing Performance Expert Agent silently using a response file

A silent installation runs without displaying an interface or prompting you for input. You can do silent installations of Performance Expert Agent to simplify the process of installing it on multiple computers.

Before you begin

Before you install Performance Expert Agent silently, you must first create a response file. A response file is a file that contains the properties and values that drive the installation. You create a response file by running the installation wizard or console mode with the following command-line option: -r response_file_name. When you complete the installation, the information that you entered in the installation wizard or console mode is recorded in the response file. You will use this file to install the product silently on other computers.


To install Performance Expert Agent silently by using a response file:

  1. From the directory of the installation image for Performance Expert Agent, run the following command:
    On Windows 64-bit:
    db2pe.agent.*.install-on-win64.exe -i silent -f response_file_name
    For Linux® on zSeries:
    db2pe.agent.*.install-on-zseries.bin -i -silent -f response_file_name
    where response_file_name is the name of the response file that you created during a previous installation of the product.
  2. Verify that the installation was successful by checking the db2peage.log installation log file in the following directory:
    • On Windows: %USERPROFILE% (For example: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator)
    • On zLinux: /var/log
  3. Start Performance Expert Agent: