OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface

The OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface (Enhanced 3270 User Interface) is a host-based user interface that enables you to monitor the performance of your z/OS systems, applications, and devices in your environment and helps you to identify and troubleshoot problems with those monitored resources.

The Enhanced 3270 User Interface provides predefined work spaces that enable you to quickly and easily diagnose and solve problems. You can customize the work spaces to suit your requirements, even design and create your own work spaces and navigation. The Enhanced 3270 User Interface is developed upon the common OMNIMON base component and provides Db2 data sharing group reporting.

You can use the Enhanced 3270 User Interface to:

  • View data for a single system or across all of your SYSPLEX
  • Automatically discover and connect to data sources
  • Customize your work spaces
  • Easily navigate data using fast path navigation, column sorting, lateral and vertical scrolling
Note: Db2 specific history is referred to as Thread History, to distinguish it from ITM Near Term History.