ISPF Dialogs

ISPF Dialogs is a host user interface that runs under TSO/ISPF and provides access to OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert's main functions and components.

You can use ISPF Dialogs to:

  • Create and run reporting commands using the Interactive Report Facility
  • View online Db2 activity using the Classic User Interface for real-time monitoring
  • View trace collection, Explain, and Admin functions
  • Customize report and trace layouts using User-Tailored Reporting

Interactive Report Facility

The Interactive Report Facility provides a dialog, though a series of panels, that guides you through the specifications for a report. After you specified a report, your specifications are validated and the Interactive Report Facility automatically generates a batch report command stream with JCL statements and the commands, sub-commands, options and keywords that match your selections for the requested reports. This job can be executed in foreground or background mode to produce the report.