Using thread history

OMEGAMON for Db2 thread history in the Enhanced 3270UI is the equivalent of near-term history in the Classic Interface.

Database administrators and systems analysts use thread history to analyze thread performance for recent Db2 application, system, and utility threads. Near-term history (Classic) and thread history (Enhanced 3270UI) data are stored in VSAM data sets. Thread history in the Enhanced 3270UI is approximately equivalent to "thread-related information" in the Classic Interface's near-term history.

An additional distinction is that thread history is different from a snapshot history. Thread history refers to completed thread activities, while snapshot history includes activities currently in progress.

For information on how to set up thread history collection, see Configuring thread history.

Several configuration parameters are required in order to enable thread history in the Enhanced 3270UI. See Parameters updated for thread history for information on thread history configuration parameters. In addition, the HOLDDATA information for this PTF contains installation instructions and post-configuration steps required to enable thread history.