Understanding icons and PF keys

Reference of PF keys and icons.


The enhanced 3270UI displays many different "icons" that perform various functions. Icons are typically displayed in reverse video white, which indicates an action occurs when you place your cursor on the icon and press Enter (or double-click if your emulator is configured to do so).
Table 1. Subpanel manipulation icons
Icon Name Description
Collapse Displays the header of the subpanel and no data
> Expand Displays the entire subpanel with data
_ Minimize Places the subpanel into the workspace footer
icon maximize Maximize Causes the subpanel to occupy the full screen
icon normalize Normalize Causes the subpanel to return from maximum size to normal size
icon close Close Removes the subpanel from the workspace
Left arrow Scrolls data to the left
Right arrow Scrolls data to the right
Up arrow Scrolls data up
Down arrow Scrolls data down
▼▲ Sort Denotes a column is sortable ascending/descending
Static Denotes a column is laterally non-scrollable
Table 2. Workspace operation icons
Icon Name Description
MORE More Indicates that more subpanels exist above or below.
CANCEL Cancel Exits current workspace/popup without changes.
OK OK Confirms a change, effective for current session only.
SAVE Save Saves a change, persisted across session logoff/logon.
EXIT Exit Confirms you would like to proceed to the next panel.
Table 3. Application navigation icons
Icon Name Description
« Open drawer Reveals the Application Navigation Drawer, which displays more icons that you can use to navigate or display administrative workspaces
» Close drawer Closes the Application Navigation Drawer
HUB Hub Goes to the Hub Connectivity Administration workspace
RTE RTE Goes to the Runtime Environment workspace
NAV Navigate Opens a product navigation area in the footer area. The icons that you see represent OMEGAMON® products that are installed and available to be invoked.

PF keys

The following Standard PF keys are defined.
Note: PF keys are not customizable.
Table 4. PF keys
PF key Description
PF1 Provides help for column headings.
PF2 Reserved for future use.
PF3 Returns you to a previous workspace, or exits a popup.
PF4 Displays a list of filters for a workspace, if defined.
PF5 Find string in a PDS member.
PF6 Reserved for future use.
PF7 Scrolls a workspace or subpanel up.
PF8 Scrolls a workspace or subpanel down.
PF9 Displays the Product Navigation Array.
PF10 Scrolls a workspace or subpanel left.
PF11 Scrolls a workspace or subpanel right.
PF12 Retrieves previously entered command(s).

Associating a mouse click with the Enter key

If your emulator supports the option to associate a mouse click with the Enter key, you can use this feature to "double-click" where you normally "click and press Enter." Consult your emulator's documentation for details about how to enable this feature.