About the Enhanced 3270 User Interface

The Enhanced 3270 User Interface is the latest generation of user interfaces for the OMEGAMON® monitoring products.

The Enhanced 3270 User Interface offers integration capability with certain performance monitoring products. If you have IBM® Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS® and/or IBM OMEGAMON for CICS® on z/OS you can see metrics originating from these products embedded in IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS screens. These products must be installed, configured, and running in the same OMEGAMON Monitoring environment.

Navigating to KDPSTART

When you log on to the E3270 UI, the workspace Enterprise Summary (KOBSTART) is displayed. It shows data from the products that are installed on your system.

From this workspace you can drill down to any other screen.

However, depending on the following criteria, a different workspace might be displayed after the first logon to OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert if:

  • More than one product that supports the E3270 UI is installed on your system
  • A particular workspace is designated as the first workspace in the site profile or the user profile