Db2 Address Space Allocated DDnames and Datasets

This panel shows all ddnames allocated to a jobstep and their corresponding device addresses, data set names, and volume serial numbers (including dynamically allocated ddnames) for the specified address space.

This panel requires special authorization because its use causes additional system overhead to collect the necessary data. Type /PWD on the top line of the panel, enter a valid password when requested, then press Enter. Thereafter, OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE displays the requested information.

________________ ZPEEKAB  VTM     O2       V550.#P DA41 11/06/13 11:17:15   2 
>       Help PF1           Back PF3           Up PF7           Down PF8        
> M.A.B                                                                        
>  SYSTEM SERVICES ADDRESS SPACE:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.   
> H-LSQA                                                                       
>                        ALLOCATED DDNAMES AND DATASETS                        
 PEEK  DA41MSTR ASID=225, collected at 11:17:13                                
+     DDname   Addr VolSer Sta,Dsp DSN                                         
+     STEPLIB  4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE SYS1.DSN.DA41.SDSNEXIT                      
+              4169 DB2100 SHR,KEE SYS1.DSN.V100.SDSNLOAD                      
+     BSDS1    4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE DSNA41.BSDS01                               
+              FFFF ...... SHR,KEE DSNA41.BSDS01                               
+     BSDS2    4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE DSNA41.BSDS02                               
+              FFFF ...... SHR,KEE DSNA41.BSDS02                               
+     DB2ENQ   4A10 PMOLIB SHR,KEE SYS1.DB2.ENQ                                
+     SYS00001 4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE DSNA41.LOGCOPY1.DS01                        
+     SYS00002 4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE DSNA41.LOGCOPY1.DS02                        
+     SYS00003 4C29 PMOSD9 SHR,KEE DSNA41.LOGCOPY1.DS03                        


For additional information about
  • related topics, select one of the options at the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


The name of the job running in this address space. (In this case, DA41MSTR.)
The address space identification number.
collected at
The time at which OMEGAMON for Db2 PE collected the information for this address space.
The ddnames allocated to this job. If the DDname field is blank, the data set is part of a concatenation with preceding data sets.
The addresses of the devices allocated to this job.
The volume serial numbers of the devices allocated to this job.
The status and disposition of the devices allocated to this job.
The names of the data sets allocated to this job.

You can type a 2- or 3-digit number after DDNS (DDNSnn or DDNnnn) to suppress the display of the first nn or nnn lines of output. This ability is useful if all of the ddnames do not fit on one panel.

If you type an X before DDNS (XDDNS), OMEGAMON for Db2 PE displays the following additional information about the ddname:
  • ORG
  • Password protection
  • Number of EXCPs for each data set
  • TIOT address for each TCB group
No additional SRBs are scheduled to display this information. OMEGAMON for Db2 PE collected all of the data when you selected this panel but only displays it when you type the X.