Collecting Statistics data with a Db2 trace

Use the Performance Expert Client to configure and start a Db2 trace to collect DB2 Statistics data during a 24-hour period.

About this task

To do this, start the Performance Expert Client:

  1. On the menu bar of the System Overview window, click Tools > Performance Warehouse - Expert to open the Performance Warehouse window.
  2. On the Performance Warehouse window, select the Trace on z/OS tab.
  3. Open the folders to connect to the z/OS subsystem.
  4. Switch to your private group. If not available, right-click the Process Groups node to create your private copy.
  5. Expand the public tree
  6. Copy the CRD (collect report data) process template from the Public process groups to a process group of your own.
  7. Expand your private group tree.
  8. Double-click the CRD step to open the CRD Step Properties window.
  9. Open the Options page and change the following option categories:
    • For Output data set, type an output data set name and select Append or Overwrite.
    • For Data, clear the Statistics check box. Specify which IFCIDs you want to collect. The IFCIDs associated with this trace are displayed and highlighted. Only the highlighted IFCIDs are collected in the trace. Here you can, for example, choose not to include buffer pool statistics at data set level.
    • For Stop, specify the criteria for the data collection. Select the Elapsed time check box and specify a time of 24:00:00.
    • Click OK to save the configuration of the CRD step.
  10. When finished, right-click the CRD process and select Execute to open the Performance Warehouse Process Scheduler window to define a schedule for the selected process.
  11. Select the Execute once, immediately to run the process once.
  12. Click Finish to start the trace.