Use the KD2_PFnn_HIS_ACCTG_CLAS parameter to specify one or more types of accounting data to collect.


Specifies the type of accounting data to collect.

Class 1 IFCID 3 no In-DB2 or I/O and lock wait times.

Class 2 IFCID 3 In-DB2 time.

Class 3 IFCID 3 I/O and lock wait times.

Class 7 IFCID 3,239 Package/DBRM In-DB2 time.

Class 8 IFCID 3,239 Package/DBRM I/O and lock wait times.

Class 10 IFCID 239 Package detail

Class 11 IFCID 3,200 No package info. For DB2 v11 and above only.

Enter a list of the accounting classes that you want to collect data from. For example "1 2 3"

NOTE: In order to reduce the number of IFCIDs collected and not

collect the IFCID 239, class 11 should be requested

without classes 7, 8 and 10. Class 11 supported in DB2 v11 and above.

Required or optional
Optional (Required in case KD2_PF_HIS_START is set to Y)
Default value
Location where the parameter value is stored
In the COPTssid member of the %RTE_HILEV%.%RTE_NAME%.RKD2PAR library
Output line
PARMGEN classification