Filtering thread history by time ranges (timespan)

You can filter your thread history by time range, to identify threads with performance problems.

About this task

This task assumes the thread history data collector is running.


  1. From the KOBSEVTS panel, which appears when you log in, select DB2. This displays the active DB2 subsystems.
  2. Enter R next to the DB2 subsystem you want to verify.
  3. From the Timespan tab, you can specify that you want to select threads from a span of time counting back from the present, such as (1) five minutes or (2) 100 hours. Or you can specify (3) a historical time range, with a start and end date and time. For example, you can select threads for a time range starting at 09:32:01 on 05/15/2017 and ending at 11:32:01 on 05/19/17. Set the Minute(s), Hour(s), or Time Range specification you want to use, then enter 1, 2, or 3 to the left, where 1 is entered in this example:
      KDPHFIL1      Thread History Timespan Selection         
      Select an action and then press ENTER                  
      1  1. M Historical Last 005 Minute(s)                  
         2. H Historical Last 040 Hour(s)                    
         3. T Historical Time Range                          
                Time       Date                              
         Start  14:21:51   02/20/2018  (HH:MM:SS MM/DD/YYYY) 
         End    14:26:51   02/20/2018  (HH:MM:SS MM/DD/YYYY) 
                                     OK   Clear   Cancel     
  4. Select OK. The thread history summary is displayed.