Filtering thread history by event counts and times

You can filter your thread history by event counts and times, to identify threads with performance problems.

About this task

This task assumes the thread history data collector is running.


  1. From the KOBSEVTS panel, which appears when you log in, select DB2. This displays the active DB2 subsystems.
  2. Enter R next to the DB2 subsystem you want to verify.
  3. Select the Counts/Times tab. From this tab, you can specify that you want to select threads based on a range of system usage counts and CPU and database elapsed times. The supported operators are EQ (Equal), NE (Not Equal), LT (Less Than), LE (Less Equal), GT (Greater Than), GE (Greater Equal).
  4. When you have specified the counts and times you want to monitor, select OK. The thread history summary is displayed.