Getting started

The scenarios in this section are based on a data view that you create with the following steps. The options that you select and any alternatives are explained later in the section.

Perform the following steps:
  1. Define a data group in which you will place the data view:
    1. Click Data Groups and then click Selected > New. The New Data Group window is displayed.
    2. Type My Locking in the New name field and then click OK.

    The new group appears in the folders pane of the System Health window.

  2. Click Data views and then click Selected > New to define a data view. The New Data View wizard appears.

  3. On the Category page:
    • In the Data view name field, type Locking as the name for this data view.
    • In the Data view category list, select Locking. The categories in the list correspond to the Statistics categories for counters and data elements.
    • Click Next to display the Counter page.
  4. On the Counters page:
    • In the Counter selection list, select the Lock requests and Unlock requests check boxes to specify the counters for the data view.
    • Leave Not stacked selected as type of counter display. The counters are then displayed independently of one another as separate bars in a bar chart or lines in a line chart.
    • Click Next to display the Thresholds page.
  5. On the Thresholds page:
    • Next to Static scale, change the default 1000 units to 30 and select Second.
    • Click Next to display the Graphics page.
  6. On the Graphics page, leave the default selections and values. Note that Bar chart is selected to display the counters as bars.

    Click Finish.

When you work with System Health for the first time, data is refreshed every 6 seconds and the new My Locking data view looks similar to this one:
Figure 1. System Health window containing new data group and data view
System Health window containing new data group and data view