Viewing lock conflicts

KDPGLKGN displays the lock conflicts that exist in a data sharing group.

Navigating to KDPGLKGN

All Active DB2 Data Sharing Groups → L Group Lock Conflicts

Select the corresponding tab to navigate to:
Threads (KDPPTHRD)
Provides a global view of thread activity for an entire data sharing group.
Coupling (KDPXCFD)
Connection status information for all connections to a coupling facility structure.
A global view of object allocation data for a specific data sharing group.
Display the System Statistics panels (KDPPQDST, KDPPPROF, KDPPSQL1, KDPPQTST) to view information about DDF system statistics and DSG DDF location statistics, system profiles, Data sharing Group Information and Manipulation Language (DML), and Bind system statistics.
Displays information about DSNZPARM parameters that are related to thread management.
Lock Conf (KDPGLKGN)
The lock conflicts that exist in a data sharing group.
A summary of all group buffer pools for all members of a data sharing group.

Zoom-in from KDPGLKGN

Thread Locks Owned (KDPPLK)
The locks and claims that are owned by a thread that is linked from the data sharing group Lock Conflicts workspace.