KD2_PFnn_SQLPA - Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer

The KD2_PFnn_SQLPA parameters specify the Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer settings for your environment.

Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer provides you with an extensive analysis of SQL queries without executing them. This analysis helps you in tuning your queries to achieve maximum performance. Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer can analyze new access paths, determine if action is needed, and estimate the costs of new paths in database resources consumed.

With Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer you can reduce the escalating costs of database queries by estimating their cost prior to execution. It delivers an Easy Explain function that provides an alternate view of the Explain data. Comparison of old and new plans is supported, along with Retro-Explain for Access plans, helping you to find out how long queries will take and to prevent queries from running too long. It can also aid in the migration of catalog statistics to test machines for in-depth analysis of production applications.