Accessing an OMEGAMON host session

When researching the cause of an alert, you may want to review conditions raised by an OMEGAMON product.

To access an OMEGAMON host session, use the terminal emulator adapter feature of Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

The terminal emulator adapter turns a view into a 3270 or 5270 interface so you can connect to any TN3270 or TN5250 host system (such as MVS or OS/400) using TCP/IP. The terminal emulator adaptor provides for simple terminal emulation. It also provides a scripting language interface that:

  • Allows you to record (capture) a host session. As you interact with a host session, the session is recorded as a set of script commands that can be saved under a name you specify and played back at a later time. This allows you to automate navigation to a specific set of panels.

  • Allows you to author complex scripts containing custom functions for manipulating host sessions.