Set Printer and Routing Options

Use this panel to set options that control the way OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE logs output.

________________ ZOUTP    VTM     O2       V550.#P DA41 11/06/13 11:23:22   2 
>       Help PF1                                               Back PF3        
> P.A.C                                                                        
>         SESSION OPTIONS:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.          
>                      SET PRINTER AND ROUTING OPTIONS                         
> To change the value of an option, type the new value to the right of the     
> option name (not in the Pending or Current columns) and press ENTER.  Then,  
> to activate the new setting, space over the > in front of .LOGOUT and        
> press ENTER again.                                                           
 OUTP  REPORT                                                                  
+                           |----- Pending ------|----- Current ------|        
 copy                       | 1                  | 1                  |        
 ddnm                       | (*DYNAMIC)         | (*DYNAMIC)         |        
 dest                       | *NONE*             | *NONE*             |        
 dstu                       | *None*             | *None*             |        
 fold                       | YES                | YES                |        
 form                       | *None*             | *None*             |        
 hold                       | NO                 | NO                 |        
 id1                        | 'USER    '         | 'USER    '         |        
 id2                        | '                ' | '                ' |        
 id3                        | '                ' | '                ' |        
 id4                        | '                ' | '                ' |        
 lnct                       | 60                 | 60                 |        
 sout                       | A                  | A                  |        


For additional information about
  • related topics, select one of the options at the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


To modify an option, move the cursor between the name of the setting you want to change and the Pending column, type the new value, and press Enter. To save your changes, delete the comment character (>) next to .LOGOUT and press Enter. This releases the current log, moves the Pending values to the Current column, and reallocates the log using the new values.

Note: When a value is displayed within parentheses, it means that the field is inactive.
Prints the current log and leaves it open. OMEGAMON for Db2 PE places a comment character in front of .LOGOUT so that the log is reset only on cycles when you remove the comment character (>).
The number of copies to print.
Overrides the standard OMEGAMON for Db2 PE ddname. When DDNM is active, sout and its related parameters (copy, dest, dstu, form, and hold) are inactive. The ddname must be allocated within the O2CI started task JCL.
The destination to receive the report. The default is NONE, which sends the output to the local printer. The device can be a terminal, a node, a remote workstation, a local device or group of devices, or a user ID.
The destination user ID to receive the report.
Changes lowercase characters to uppercase. The default is YES.
The name of the form on which to print. The default is NONE. This means that OMEGAMON for Db2 PE uses the form defined as your installation's default. If you change NONE to some other value (such as HOLE), you can type an asterisk (*) to return to NONE.
Specifies that the output be placed in the hold queue. The default is NO.
Requests separator pages and page headers that identify output from different OMEGAMON for Db2 PE sessions.
Defines up to 16 characters to be shown on the left of the separator page, justified below the ID1 heading. ID1 must be set to use ID2.
Defines up to 16 characters to be shown centered on the separator page, below the ID1 heading. ID1 must be set to use ID3.
Defines up to 16 characters to be on the right of the separator page, justified below the ID1 heading. ID1 must be set to use ID4.
Sets the REPORT file line count. The default is 60 lines.
Specifies the SYSOUT class for the output.