Viewing details on a deadlock

When a deadlock occurs, you need to know what caused the deadlock and how to resolve it. OMEGAMON for DB2® Performance Expert helps you find the reasons for a deadlock by supplying information, such as which threads are involved in the deadlock, which statements led or might have led to the deadlock, and which thread holds the resource that is requested by another thread.

To view this information:
  1. Double-click a deadlock in the Event Exception Log pane of the Exception Processing window or on the Exceptions page of the System Overview window. The various pages of the Deadlock Details window provide you with all the information that you need to narrow down the reasons for the deadlock.
  2. To get information about the thread that was rolled back (victim), about the system and the DB2 Subsystem on which the deadlock occurred, and about the number of threads that are involved in the deadlock, have a look at the Overview page.