Deleting Entries

This panel is displayed to delete the currently selected trace entry. It will not delete the dataset, but will remove the entry from the list of managed traces.

If the trace is not yet executing, you can delete the entry by removing the character > in front of the ATQX command and pressing the Enter key.

If the trace is currently executing, an error message is issued. You must use option D to stop the trace before you can delete it.

________________ ZATQX    VTM     O2       V550./C DA31 06/28/13  0:16:32   3  
>       Help PF1      Back PF3      Up PF7      Down PF8       Zoom PF11        
> A.H.C   Current Trace Status: INACTIVE                                        
>               APPLICATION TRACE QUEUE - DELETE ENTRY                          
+  Owner                 = WDRI          State                     = Complete
+  First Plan            = WAYNEPLN      First Authid              =            
+  Dataset               = WDRI.V510BETA.DS4.ATF                                
>  To delete this ATF Request, remove the ">" preceding the following           
>  command and press the ENTER key.  Note, if the status is EXECUTING,           
>  the ATQX command will stop the the trace, but NOT delete the entry.