Running the process

To run the process immediately, select the process in the folders pane, and then click Selected > Execute. The process is scheduled to start immediately and is activated.

The following information is recorded about processes:
  • The processes (with their start and stop timestamps and their status) that are currently running and have run since you started working with Performance Warehouse.
  • The individual steps of each process, with their start and stop timestamps and their status.
  • The output data sets of each step in a process.

While the process is running, you can view its progress. In the folders pane, click Process Executions to view the progress of the process. The Process Executions pane is displayed, listing the process executions for all the processes. To view only the Transfer Statistics Save process, you must define filter criteria.

To define filter criteria:
  1. Click View > Filter.

    The Filter Process Execution window is displayed.

  2. Specify the filter conditions.

    You can use wildcard characters in the filter criteria: _ (underscore) for one character and % for more than one character.

    • In the Name field, type Transfer Sta%
    • In the Group field, type Legacy
    • As Comparison operator next to the Name field, select Like because you are using a wildcard character in the name
  3. Click OK.

    The Process Executions pane then lists only the process-execution entries for the Transfer Statistics Save process.