The LOADLOG table

The LOADLOG table contains the information you need to access and manage the performance data.

Table 1. LOADLOG table
Column name Data type Key Description
LL_INSERTEDBY VARCHAR(8)   User ID of the user who inserted the data
LL_STARTTS TIMESTAMP   Date and time of the first event recorded
LL_STOPTS TIMESTAMP   Date and time of the last event recorded
Each row in the table is associated with a LOAD step executed by the OMEGAMONĀ® Collector and has a unique LL_ID. This LL_ID is referenced by an Accounting or a Statistics table with its foreign key STEPLOGID, which is defined with delete rule ON DELETE SET NULL. If you delete a row from the LOADLOG table, the column STEPLOGID of the dependent rows is set to NULL. To delete data from the DB2PM_STAT and DB2PMSACCT tables:
  1. Determine the entries using the LOADLOG table and apply a search condition on the STEPLOGID column in the DELETE statements.
  2. Delete the corresponding LOADLOG entries.

The LOADLOG entries related to the LOAD steps are displayed under Time setting on the View SQL page of the Query Execution window and on the Options page of the Rules-of-Thumb Analysis window. They help you restrict your queries and rules of thumb to the time intervals during which data was loaded.