Viewing and understanding the analysis result

The first page that you see after the analysis finishes is the Result matrix page.

The Result matrix page shows:
  • A list of the entire trace data that was created between the trace-start and trace-end times that you specified on the Time pane of the Options page. The data is sorted as follows:
    • By timestamp
    • As shown in the Variables context field on the Options page
    • By the result of the arithmetic expression of the rule of thumb selected on the Order by value expression pane on the Options page
  • Additional columns you specified for the rule-of-thumb cluster (cluster definition columns).
  • A column for each rule of thumb that you used for the analysis.
  • The attention value (OK, warning, problem) of the analysis for each timestamp and rule of thumb. The result depends on your specifications on the Definition page of the Rule-of-Thumb Properties window.

    A dash (–) means that a value is not available.

To reduce the list displayed on the Result matrix page, you can display only rows with at least one warning or a higher attention level or only rows with at least one problem:
  • Click View > Warning to view all rows that contain at least one warning or at least one problem.
  • Click View > Problem to view only rows that contain at least one problem.

Your selection remains valid until you click View > All again.

If there are a lot of entries in the list, they are not displayed all at one time. You can move to the next or previous set of entries by clicking View > Next or View > Previous. If you previously reduced the list, for example, to rows that show only problems, this selection remains valid when you move to the next or previous set of entries.