Defining filter criteria and additional columns for the rule-of-thumb cluster

You can specify additional columns and define filter criteria to reduce the analysis result. Your specifications apply to all rules of thumb in the cluster.

To define the additional columns and filter criteria:
  1. Click the rule-of-thumb cluster, and then click Selected > Properties.

    The Rule-of-Thumb Cluster Properties window is displayed.

  2. Click the Definition tab to do the following:
    • Select a report block or a table. Your selection determines the content of the Columns box.
    • Fill the Filter expression and Additional columns boxes by clicking a column in the Columns box and then clicking the appropriate Add (Add button) button. The entry appearing in these boxes consists of the table and column names.
    • If you want the values of additional columns included in the analysis result of all rules of thumb, add these columns to the Additional columns box.
    • If you add several columns to the Filter expression box, you must use operators to combine the columns into an SQL query.
    • You can use variables in the filter expression that you can resolve during the rules-of-thumb analysis. See Resolving variables for more information.
    • The SQL query generated from the specifications on this page and for all rules of thumb in the cluster must not exceed 32 KB.
  3. Make your selections and fill in the various fields.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.