Using a DPMOUT data set

Keep the content of the DPMOUT data set for further reports.

After OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert has generated all reports that you requested, the preprocessed input data is either discarded or written to the output data set DPMOUT, depending on what you specified. The DPMOUT data set can be used as input to OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert, so if you want to produce reports from the same data in several executions and your SMF/GTF data set is large, you might want to keep the DPMOUT data set.

If you do not specify DPMOUTDD, only the records required for the current job step are processed, which improves performance. If you want to keep a DPMOUT data set for the specific purpose of producing future Accounting reports and traces, specify GLOBAL INCLUDE IFCID(3 239) in the command stream within the JCL. This reduces the size of the DPMOUT data set.