Setting up RRSAF

OMEGAMON for DB2® Performance Expert uses Resource Recovery Services Attachment Facility (RRSAF) for connecting to Db2 subsystems

Before you begin

Ensure that RRSAF can be used on your system.


  1. Ensure that the RRS subsystem is running on your system.
  2. If you have not already established a profile for controlling access from the RRS attachment facility, define db2ssid.RRSAF (where db2ssid is the Db2 subsystem ID) in the resource class DSNR (the RACF resource class for Db2).
    This has to be done for each Db2 subsystem that you want to monitor. You can also define a generic resource RRSAF. These profiles might already exist if, for example, stored procedures have been used before. Assign READ authority for this RACF profile to the OMEGAMON Collector started task ID (PGDXO2).