Using the VTAM, TSO, or ISPF mode logon panel

You can log on through the VTAM®, TSO, or ISPF mode panel using the KOBVTAM logon panel.

About this task

Advantages of using the KOBVTAM logon panel are:

  • The exit routine can cause the Classic Interface to stop an unauthorized logon.
  • The exit routine makes all security checks based on the user logon ID and not on the authority for the Classic Interface address space.
Note: If you are in an active VTAM session and you want to change the external security level of authorization, you can use the relogon feature.

To logon to the Classic Interface through the VTAM, TSO, or ISPF mode panel, perform the following step:


Log on to VTAM.
The logon panel for the Classic Interface VTAM application program (KOBVTAM) is displayed.