Logging on again to an active session

You can use the relogon feature to logon to an active VTAM® session without logging out first.

About this task

The relogon feature is a function of the /PWD command. You can use this feature to perform the following tasks:

  • Enter your user ID and password for the external security package from an active Classic Interface session.
  • Change the security level without having to close a current VTAM session.

When you work with the relogon feature, consider these issues:

  • Do not mark the /PWD command as EXTERNAL=YES in the security table.
  • In your user exit, you can determine the default action if the supplied user ID or logon password is not valid.

    For example, you can specify that all Classic Interface commands that are marked as EXTERNAL=YES are not enabled. You can also specify that the session reverts to the previous user ID. The available options are explained in the sample exit routines.

  • If you use the relogon feature and your password has expired, you cannot enter a new one by using the /PWD command.

To use the relogon feature, perform the following step:


Enter /PWD and your user ID on the INFO-line as seen in the following example:
/PWD user01_____O2INIT01 DED O2 V600.#P $DB2 mm/dd/yy 17:03:37
You are now logged on again to the active session using external security.