Implementing external security

You must implement an external security package before the exit routine can refer to it for authorization. If external security is not implemented, internal security takes effect.

About this task

To implement external security, perform the following steps:


  1. Modify the rules in the external security package to interface with the Classic Interface. For instructions, refer to Modifying RACF security rules.
  2. Customize the sample exit routine that is provided on the Classic Interface tape.
  3. Assemble and link-edit the routine.
  4. Modify and update the security table to specify the commands that are to be checked by RACF or ACF2 and the name of the module that contains the exit routine. Note that no default is supplied for the module name. For instructions, refer to Updating the security table.
  5. Ensure that your security package has authorized the started-task identifier for OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE.

    During configuration, OMEGAMON for Db2 PE generates the security jobs KO2ACF2A, KO2RACFA, and KO2SUPD. These jobs create exit programs for external security packages. The members are in &rhilev.&rte.RKANSAMU.