OMEGAMON Collector

The OMEGAMON Collector is a started task that serves as the central component through which OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert's other components, user interfaces, and integrations can access performance data.

The OMEGAMON Collector collects real time snapshot data, history trace data, exception processing data, and snapshot history data and controls and submits jobs to generate reports and load data into the Performance Warehouse.

The OMEGAMON Collector provides services for the following components:

  • Classic User Interface
  • OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface
  • Tivoli Enterprise Portal
  • Performance Expert Client
  • Performance Warehouse

The services provided by the OMEGAMON Collector include:

  • Event exception processing
  • Analysis of object and volume data
  • Near Term History
  • Application Trace Facility
  • Snapshot History

Performance Expert Server

The Performance Expert Server acts as the monitoring instance for a specific Db2 subsystem being monitored and runs as a subtask (one for each monitored Db2 subsystem) in the OMEGAMON Collector address space.