Cross-system coupling facility

The cross-system coupling facility (OMEGAMON/XCF) enables peer-to-peer communication between OMEGAMON Collector.

The OMEGAMON Collector XCF gateway component allows peer-to-peer communication between OMEGAMON Collector by implementing the cross-system coupling (XCF) services supported in the z/OS® system complex (sysplex) environment. OMEGAMON Collector use XCF member connection services to connect to a predefined OMPEXCF default group name. All OMEGAMON Collector connected to the same group can then issue send and receive requests against each other to exchange data.

The OMEGAMON/XCF feature is initialized at OMEGAMON Collector initialization time when real-time user option XCFMODE=ACTIVE is specified in member OMPEOPTS of the RKD2PAR parameters data set. When XCFMODE=ACTIVE is specified, the XCF gateway component performs additional environmental initialization functions specified by the following parameters of member OMPE00 of the RKD2PAR data set:
  • DSPSIZE=128M
OMPE00 entries are tailored in embed override KD2$POMP found in WCONFIG(KD2$POMP) for PARMGEN and EMBEDS(KD2$POMP) for Configuration Manager. Do not make manual changes in this member as manual changes will be lost when runtime members are regenerated.

The XCF group is a set of related members defined in the z/OS XCF by the OMEGAMON Collector XCF gateway, in which members of the group can communicate (send and receive data) between z/OS systems with other OMEGAMON Collector members of the same group. A group can span one or more of the systems in a sysplex and represents a complete logical entity to z/OS XCF. When a Classic or Common (D5API) OMEGAMON® Collector session is started, the OMEGAMON Collector XCF gateway connects a member to the group name (XCFGROUP=OMPEXCF). The member connection persists for the life of the Classic or Common Collector session.

The z/OS XCF member connection is terminated when one of the following conditions is met:
  • The Classic or Common Collector session terminates.
  • The Classic session switches to a different Db2 subsystem.
  • The OMEGAMON Collector address space is normally shut down.

When the OMEGAMON Collector address space is abnormally terminated, all connections are terminated. Canceling or forcing the OMEGAMON Collector address space might under certain conditions only activate the XCF connections. Issuing the D XCF,GROUP,0MPEXCF z/OS command might still show these connections as defined to z/OS XCF.

The OMEGAMON Collector XCF gateway will reuse these existing connections on subsequent OMEGAMON Collector start ups.