Configuring dynamic subsystem name assignment

Dynamic subsystem name assignment removes the restriction that the OMEGAMON Collector subsystem name is specified in the PARM=JCL parameter.

This change does not affect you if you already specify the OMEGAMON® Collector subsystem name in your JCL procedure. You can optionally specify a two-character prefix in addition to the four-character name that is required.

The following subsystem name specifications are supported:
    The OMEGAMON Collector JCL procedure is shipped with a default
    OMEGAMON Collector subsystem name of OMPE(PARM='/SUB=OMPE').
    //O2CI    EXEC PGM=KO2ZTOPB,                                      
    //             REGION=0M,MEMLIMIT=NOLIMIT,DPRTY=(15,15),TIME=1440,
    //             PARM='/SUB=OMPE'
  • PARM='/SUB=OM'
    This serviceability enhancement also allows you to only specify a
    two-character OMEGAMON Collector subsystem prefix. When only the
    subsystem prefix is specified, the subsystem initialization driver
    dynamically adds an unused suffix in the range of 00 to 99 to form a
    complete four-character OMEGAMON Collector subsystem name.
    //O2CI    EXEC PGM=KO2ZTOPB,                                      
    //             REGION=0M,MEMLIMIT=NOLIMIT,DPRTY=(15,15),TIME=1440,
    //             PARM='/SUB=OM'

    Once a subsystem name is associated with an OMEGAMON Collector
    address space, the association is maintained for the life of the z/OS®
    operating system IPL.

The OMEGAMON Collector also creates a subsystem called O2. If Object Analysis is configured, a subsystem called E2 will be started.