UNIX commands

Take Action commands that are issued on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal with any of the following prefixes are issued as UNIX commands. By default, only user IDs that are defined for z/OS® UNIX System Services (USS) and have superuser, or root, authority are allowed to issue UNIX commands through the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

Prefixes are as follows:

  • OMVS:, Omvs:, or omvs:
  • UNIX:, Unix:, or unix:

Use RACF® commands to define user IDs for z/OS UNIX . The z/OS UNIX attributes are maintained in the OMVS segment of the RACF user profile.

Follow these guidelines to enable users with Tivoli Enterprise Portal user IDs to issue UNIX commands:

  • The Tivoli Enterprise Portal user ID must be defined in RACF.
  • The profile that is associated with the RACF user ID must contain an OMVS segment.
  • In the OMVS segment, the z/OS UNIX user identifier (UID) must have a value of 0 (superuser).

For more information, see:

OMEGAMON shared documentation, Version 6.3.0 Fix Pack 2 and above: Enabling security validation on a z/OS hub