Examining the Periodic Exceptions Messages

To display the Periodic Exception Messages window, select option 2 (Periodic Exceptions Messages) from the Look Selections menu or type LOOK 2 and press Enter on any command line.

Figure 1. Periodic Exception Messages window
 DGOMLAMP                Periodic Exception Messages         ROW 1 TO 2 OF 2

 DGOM944 Periodic Exception Processor started at 03/30/08 08:52:04.100
 DGOM945 Periodic Exception Processor stopped at 03/30/08 08:53:07.290
 ***************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ******************************

 Command ===> ______________________________________________________________
  F1=Help     F2=Split    F3=Exit     F7=Up       F8=Down     F9=Swap


Use this window to view messages issued by the periodic exception processor. You can use the scrolling keys F7 (Up) and F8 (Down) to browse the list.

This list is cleared when you exit the Online Monitor.