Summarization and pruning workspaces

Certain workspaces in OMEGAMON for DB2® Performance Expert allow data to be aggregated and pruned. This feature is called summarization and pruning.

The following workspaces support summarization and pruning:
Workspace View Attribute Group Name
Buffer Pool Details Workspace General, Size, Read, Write, Query Parallelism, Sort Merge



Buffer Pool Management Workspace Buffer Pool Management




CICS Connections Workspace CICS Connection Summary DB2_CICS_Exceptions
CICS Threads Workspace CICS Threads DB2_CICS_Threads
Db2 Connect Server Workspace DB2 Connect Server DB2_CONNECT_SERVER
DDF Conversations Workspace DDF Conversation DB2_DDF_CONV
IMS Connections Workspace IMS Connections DB2_IMS_Connections
Package Statistics Workspace Package Statistics DB2_CONNECT_PACKAGE
System Resource Manager (EDM Pool Workspace)
  • EDM Statistics
  • EDM Summary
  • DB2_SRM_EDM_Statistics
System Resource Manager (Log Manager Workspace)
  • Log Manager Statistics
  • Log Manager Summary
  • DB2_SRM_Log_Statistics
  • DB2_SRM_Log_Manager
  • Log_Detail
System Resource Manager (Subsystem Management Workspace)
  • Subsystem Management Statistics
  • Subsystem Management Summary
  • DB2_SRM_Subsystem_Statistics
  • DB2_SRM_Subsystem
System Status Workspace System State Information DB2_System_States
To use the summarization and pruning feature, you must also specify the behavior and summary type as follows:
Type of data Behavior Summary Type
Rate, Ratio, Percent data GAUGE AVG
Delta data PDEL SUM
Maximum data PEAK MAX
Minimum data LOW MIN
Size data PROPERTY LAT (latest)
Total, Accumulative data COUNT LAT
Current data GAUGE (apply to counter as well) AVG