Online monitoring and reporting

Performance Expert Client enables online monitoring and reporting, including exception notification handling.

You can use the online monitoring and reporting component to:
  • Determine the total DB2® system performance and efficiency.
  • Measure the performance of an application.
  • Review the resources used by an application.
  • Evaluate an application’s impact on other applications and the DB2 system.
  • Identify the cause of performance problems by checking certain thread-activity and Statistics fields for exceptions and listing the occurrence of specific events.
  • Determine the tuning requirements for DB2.
  • View performance data graphically.
  • Analyze and improve SQL statements by using Explain products.

    For more information refer to Using Explain products to analyze and improve SQL statements.

  • Monitor DB2 Connect gateways, including system-related information.
This component is similar to the host-based (ISPF) Online Monitor. It has some advantages over the host-based Online Monitor, such as:
  • The graphics improve the representation of the relationship between counters and the trends and evolution of counters.
  • You can monitor several DB2 systems at the same time.
  • When DB2 performance is not satisfactory, you receive tuning recommendations.