OMEGAMON for Db2 PE Workspaces

The OMEGAMON for Db2 PE workspaces contain the table views you use to obtain information about the various aspects of DB2. The workspaces may also display other types of information such as graphs and charts.

The workspaces contain several counters that display data related to DB2 performance. If a counter value or specific information in a panels is not shown, the following notation is used to indicate the reason:

Table 1. Notations for missing information
Value Explanation

Not applicable is shown if DB2 never produces a counter value in a specific context. Examples are:

  • A counter is not available in one DB2 version.
  • Counters are mutually exclusive.

Not calculated is shown for a derived field where the value cannot be calculated or is useless. Examples are:

  • A divide by zero (percentages, ratios).
  • Suppression of negative elapsed time values.
  • Required counter values for calculation marked as N/A or N/P.
  • Insufficient data or small counter values to allow significant statements (meaningless or misleading averages).

Not present is shown for a field where DB2 can present values, but does not in this instance. Examples are:

  • When counter values are not generated because of operational conditions (a trace class is not active).
  • An application does not provide a value because it is optional.