Establishing a connection to the OMEGAMON Collector

Before you can use the Performance Expert Client, you must establish a connection to the OMEGAMON Collector by defining the Db2 subsystem. This allows the Performance Expert Client access to the performance data for this Db2 subsystem.

About this task

If there is a local firewall on the processor where the Performance Expert Client is installed, you must grant access for DB2PEClient.exe. Otherwise, the connection fails.


  1. Establish the connection.
    1. Start the Performance Expert Client and go to Monitor → New Db2 Subsystem.
    2. Select Db2 on z/OS, OS 390 systems. Click Next.
    3. In the Host field, enter the hostname where the OMEGAMON Collector is running.
    4. In the Port field, enter the port for the OMEGAMON Collector. Click Next.
    5. Click Retrieve.
      The Wizard adds information about the Db2 subsystem to your configuration.
    6. When prompted, enter a user ID and a password for a TSO user on the system where the OMEGAMON Collector is running.
      If the retrieval fails, check the following and then click retrieve again.
      • Check that the OMEGAMON Collector is started.
      • Check that the TCP/IP port is correct.
      • Check that a firewall is not blocking your connection request.
      When retrieval is successful, the Db2 System Properties panel is displayed.
    7. Optional: If you want to work with Performance Warehouse, specify the database alias on the Performance Warehouse tab, in the Database alias field, specify the database alias you created.
    8. Click Finish.
  2. Verify that the connection was successful.
    1. Logon to the OMEGAMON Collector.
      To do so, from the Db2 Performance Expert - System Overview window, right click on the server in the navigation tree in the panel on the left. Select Logon.
    2. Verify that the main functions for the Performance Expert Client are displayed in the middle panel of the window.