Collect and evaluate historical data for Db2 subsystems

OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert enables you to collect and evaluate historical data for your Db2 subsystems and Db2 applications and build a Performance Database.

You can use this feature to:

  • Tune performance
  • Evaluate problems
  • Analyze trends
  • Perform capacity planning
  • Analyze a problem over a long period of time

Occasionally, current data is not sufficient to analyze a problem. For example, when you want to check the size of a Db2 resource, such as an EDM pool, for cursor tables or package tables. In such a situation, you can use historical data to establish a baseline performance record that can be used to detect deviations. You could collect accounting data for several months and then compare the current CPU usage time of a static SQL package to the average CPU usage time stored in the history. If the current time is well above the average time, then you know that you need to investigate the change.