DSG Db2 Parameters

Use DSG Db2 Parameters attributes to view Db2 parameters for data sharing groups.

Db2 ID The Db2 subsystem ID.

Data Sharing Group The name of the Data Sharing Group.

Data Sharing Member The name of the Data Sharing Group Member.

Field Description The description of the data field.

Field Name The name of the data field.

Field Value The data value.

Interval Start The start time of this interval.

MVS System ID The MVS system identifier.

(PACKAGE_DEPENDENCY_LEVEL) The subsystem parameter specifies whether packages record package-level dependencies only or record both package-level and statement-level dependencies. The subsystem parameter sets the default value for the DEPLEVEL option of the BIND PACKAGE command. The value of the DEPLEVEL option on BIND or REBIND always overrides the value of the PACKAGE_DEPENDENCY_LEVEL subsystem parameter.

Originating System ID The managed system name of the agent. It is an alphanumeric text string, with a maximum of 32 characters; for example, DB91:SYS1:DB2.

Sequence Number The sequence number of the data field.