The TRSMAIN terse utility

This section provides information about the TRSMAIN terse utility that is used to compress collected trace data, and it shows batch job examples using the utility.

The utility is mainly provided to reduce the sizes of output data sets with raw trace data, as used for the simulation function of Buffer Pool Analyzer, and to reduce the download times of these data sets. Compressed trace data files are automatically uncompressed when opened by the simulation function. If you use the compression facility only for this purpose, you can ignore the following information.

Nevertheless, when you collect performance data, you are not limited to the compression of raw trace data for simulations. You can compress all data that is collected by means of the Collect Report Data (CRD) function or an equivalent batch job. But no Buffer Pool Analyzer function, except the simulation function, processes compressed input data. Therefore, if you want to compress collected data on the host for whatever reason, you need to uncompress data before it can be used as input to other Buffer Pool Analyzer functions. Note that the following information pertains to TRSMAIN on the host; the uncompress component of the simulation function on the client remains transparent and is not accessible.