Problems with client functions

Out of memory message
Your client might not have enough available physical memory (random access memory) to start or to perform a function. See the General remarks topics at the beginning of the corresponding sections for specific memory requirements.
Unable to select a bpd or trace data file
The file name extension of the bpd or trace file should be bpd, respectively trace, as described in File and data set naming conventions. If you have used other file name extensions, select All files (*.*) from the File of type list in the Open dialog box to see all files and select the file with your custom extension.
Unable to open a bpd or trace data file
Ensure that the file size is less that 2 GB. If required, modify the data collection parameters (described in Configuring a collect task).
Message BPOK6000 - Internal error - is displayed
You tried to open a buffer pool data (bpd) file with one of the client-based functions, but the bpd file could not be opened or properly preprocessed. The file might be damaged, does not contain data in the required format (Short or Standard) or data type (Summary or Detail), or was not created by means of the BPACTIVITY FILE command. Create a new bpd file, or use another bpd file. See Table 1 and Specifying reports and bpd files with BPACTIVITY, if required.

If this error occurs when you use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), also check whether your file transfer program provides the RDW and NORDW command options. If the default is RDW, it might cause a four-byte record descriptor record to be included in the data set being downloaded from the host to the client (which might then cause message BPOK6000). Specify the NORDW command option to avoid the creation of the descriptor record.

Unintentional characters are displayed during data entry
Check and correct the regional settings of the Windows operating system.
Simulation does not finish - progress indicator stops at approximately 99%
The number of simulated buffer pool sizes, determined by the minimum and maximum buffer pool size and the interval, should not exceed 40. See Step 1: Setting simulation parameters for more details.