Missing information in reports or bpd files

Sections are missing in reports
Ensure that you have collected the appropriate data type (Summary or Detail). See Determining what to collect, Configuring a collect task, and Collecting data by using the batch JCL.

For reports, ensure that you have specified the appropriate LEVEL option of the BPACTIVITY REPORT command. See Specifying reports and bpd files with BPACTIVITY.

Check the job summary log JOBSUMMDD for more details. See Specifying a JCL command stream.

Object placement function lacks information about unused objects
If you miss certain objects in one of the windows, or if only active objects are listed (the Used column always shows Yes), or if the Show only objects with activity or Assign objects not accessed during data collection check boxes seem to have no effect, it is likely that you have used a bpd file that was created with the BPACTIVITY FILE ACTIVEOBJECTS command. The ACTIVEOBJECTS subcommand option excludes all information about inactive, respectively unused objects.

This behavior is not an error. If you want inactive objects to be considered during your object placement optimization, you need to use a bpd file that is created without the ACTIVEOBJECTS subcommand option.